Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


If selected, when and how do I receive the award?

Applicants will be notified in early July. Awards will be presented at the AAa/e Banquet Dinner. Award recipients are required to be present at the awards dinner to accept their awards and are expected to provide their own transportation to the dinner location. Dinner itself will be complimentary.

What is the scholarship amount?

Scholarships in the amount of $5,000 will be awarded. The AAa/e Foundation and its judges reserve the right to withhold awards if submissions are deemed unsatisfactory.

Do I need to be of Asian descent to apply?

No. The application is open to all people of any descent.

Can I apply for the same scholarship even though I’ve won in the past?

Yes, but the applications must to demonstrate growth from the previously submitted application.

I’m an out-of-state-student; am I still eligible for a scholarship?

Yes. Note that travel expenses associated with attending the Awards Banquet are not the responsibility of the AAa/e Foundation.

I am a senior in high school planning to attend college next semester. Which scholarship should I apply for?

If you are still a senior in high school at the time the application is due, you should apply for the High School Scholarship.

I’ve completed my schooling but am not employed. Do I qualify for the Student Loan Grant?

Yes, you qualify. Employment is not a requirement.

I graduated several years ago and have been in the workforce since completion of my degree. Have I been employed for too long to be eligible for the Student Loan Grant?

No, there is no limit in years of employment to qualify for the Student Loan Grant. As long as you have outstanding student loans and are out of school, you are eligible.

I just graduated and have no plans to pursue another degree. Am I eligible for the Student Loan Grant?

Yes, you qualify. As long as you have student loans and are out of school, you are eligible for the Student Loan Grant.

Can the applicant send letters of recommendation directly to the AAa/e Foundation?

Yes, but please ensure letters are written on a letterhead and include contact information of the writer.

Can I submit group projects in my scholarship application?

Yes, group projects are accepted with a clear explanation of your contribution to the project.

Is it possible to decline participation in the short video clip?

Awardees of the High School, Community College, Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships are required to participate. Student Loan Grant and AEC Education Grant awardees are not required to participate in the short video clip.

As an awardee, can I use my video clip?

All videos are the property of the AAa/e Foundation and may be used with written permission.

Who do I contact for questions?

E-mail any questions to [email protected].